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Protecting Nature


Our membership has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the natural sciences which it is willing to share with others within the catchment area of Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists.


MVFN partners with other organizations to deliver a number of ongoing programs.

Bluebird Houses

MVFN bluebird boxes are built by volunteers and are based on the Peterson oval design.

Nature sightings with iNaturalist 

(2021 Report2020 Report)

Loon Survey 
Conducting the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey on Mississippi Lake, for Bird Studies Canada.

Turtle Watch

In support of the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Eastern Ontario Turtle Project run by David Seburn.


From time to time MVFN undertakes special projects to further our understanding of habitats in Lanark County and contribute to their protection.

Appleton Wetland Report
Bell Bushlot Bioblitz Report 2009
Burnt Lands Alvar Campaign
Mike McPhail Bird Viewing Shelter



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