Nature Sightings

The MVFN Lanark County Biodiversity project allows MVFN members and friends to add to the biodiversity record of Lanark County.

Launched in 2020, the project has proved to be an effective way for MVFN members to share and learn from each other. Here’s a report on 2021’s observations.

How to take part

Use the free iNaturalist app and a digital camera or smartphone to record species you see and in your yard or out on a hike.

Getting started:

  1. Open an account on iNaturalist.
  2. Join the MVFN Lanark County project.
  3. Start posting nature observations in Lanark County (all taxa).


  • Here are some tutorials that will walk you through the process whether you use a computer or a smart phone.
  • Another  good resource is this manual on nature photography by John Reynolds. It is a basic guide on photographing nature and what angles to use to help with identification.
  • Denis Gallant is also available for help. He can be reached via the iNaturalist messaging service at denisag2 or via email directly (

Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep sharing!

Recent observations

Photos from MVFN members

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