Western Chorus Frog Monitoring

May be of interest to some MVFN members – please get in touch with the company directly if you are interested in helping out. 

The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence-Canadian shield population of western chorus frogs is listed as threatened in Canada, and declines have been anecdotally noted in recent years. Blazing Star Environmental has partnered with the Canadian Wildlife Service and Trent University to create a long-term, range-wide monitoring program for the western chorus frog. Their project hopes to determine the distribution and extent of the chorus frog in its range through periodic monitoring of the species.

They are looking for volunteers in our area to monitor local sites 2-3 times, during the 2-3 week calling window. Unlike most other frog call programs, the surveys take place during the day.

Blazing Star Environmental will provide training, help select sites and send out alerts when frogs start calling in our area. They have provided an informational webinar on the program. The webinar recording is available for download here:


If you are interested in participating in this effort, contact Blazing Star Environmental at info@blazingstar.ca

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