Lanark County Turtle Watch

Map Turtles, South Frontenac Township, ON, photo Pauline Donaldson

MVFN has launched a project on iNaturalist to record sightings of turtles in Lanark County. This is in support of the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Eastern Ontario Turtle Project run by David Seburn.

Project description

Collect observations of turtles found in Lanark County from June through August 2020. The project may run for several subsequent years. A report will be prepared at the end of summer (September 2020). 

We are asking everyone to use a digital camera or smartphone to record turtle observations (photos), dead or alive, whether on a road, nesting or basking in the sun. Even photos of dead turtles are helpful and should be included. If you use iNaturalist on your smart phone the observation is captured directly. If you use a digital camera, download the photos to your desktop, from there you can load the photos into iNaturalist. iNaturalist will guide you through entering the requisite data including location, type of roadway observation and nesting activity.

To participate:

  1. Open an account on iNaturalist. Open
  2. Join the MVFN Lanark County Turtle Watch project. Join
  3. Start posting turtle observations in Lanark County.

You can find a guide to using the MVFN Turtle Watch interface here: Guide

In case members need help, use the following email address for providing questions or concerns:

Please call the Ontario Turtle Centre at 705-741-5000 immediately if you come across an injured turtle.


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