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First Aid Plus course

MVFN is pleased to once again offer a First Aid/CPR course to our members.

This course blends online learning with in class practical training to ensure participants gain confidence in their first aid and lifesaving skills. The online portion that takes 4-6 hours. And the one-day in-person class will be led by MVFN’s Stan Holloway at “First Aid Plus” in Bells Corners.  MVFN members are offered a reduced rate of $75 per person.

The classroom portion is being held on April 26, COVID permitting.  The online portion must be finished before that date.

In class, each person will have their own workstation, and strict COVID protocols will be scrupulously followed.  Their classroom only permits 9 participants per class at the moment, so sign up early!  A second course will be offered if enough people are interested.

For more details on the course, visit: and go to the Blended Standard First Aid course description.

To sign up for the course, please fill out the MVFN application form

If you have any questions, please contact Brenda Boyd by email or  call 613-256-2706.

p.s.  If you subsequently act as the official “MVFN First Aider” on a group outing, your fee will be reimbursed by MVFN, upon request

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