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Turtles in a Perilous Time

Turtles in a Perilous Time
by Matt Ellerbeck

“Turtles have proved that they are one of time’s most successful survivors. They have been on this Earth for well over 200 million years. This means that they were here long before the mammals, before the birds, and even before the dinosaurs. They have managed to survive throughout the ages, while countless other species have disappeared around them. Today however, the turtle is living in a perilous time. Around 70% of the world’s turtle species are now listed on The World Conservation Union’s Redlist of threatened species. For some turtles it is already too late. Several turtle species have already gone extinct. Many more are being pushed to the brink of extinction . . .”


To read the entire article by Matt Ellerbeck please click here matt-ellerbeck-turtles1

NOTE: Matt Ellerbeck is a turtle advocate and conservationist based in Kingston, Ontario. His website on turtles is at


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