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The Nature Conservancy’s Dragonfly and Damselfly Project

The Nature Conservancy’s Dragonfly and Damselfly Project

Attention Volunteers!

Are you good at identifying adult dragonflies and damselflies?

Do you have a pond, wetland, or lake that you like to visit?

Could you commit to one-hour surveys once per week over the summer?

If you answered ‘yes’ to each of these questions, then you are invited to join an important scientific study. We are trying to learn how much time and effort is needed to survey adult dragonflies and damselflies. The information will help conservationists and researchers who work with these amazing animals.

This study is being run by Jason Bried of The Nature Conservancy at the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. Jennette Fox is helping out here in Canada – feel free to contact either for questions, comments or concerns.

For more info please contact:
Jason Bried
The Nature Conservancy  518-456-0655 ext221

Jennette Fox (Canada)


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