Planning a Birding Trip or want to brush up on your bird identification skills?

Then we have a deal for you!

An amazing collection of 144 titles
in one online auction

Thanks to a generous donation by Linda Ready, Mississippi Valley Field Naturalist are pleased to offer this online auction of field guides. Everything from a first edition of Roger Tory Peterson’s seminal work to the plethora of guides available today are represented.

Whether you are planning a trip within North America or abroad to South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Australia or Africa there is a book for you. If you are passionate about a particular family of birds – such as parrots or crows, warblers or shorebirds there is likely a field guide that will peak your interest and broaden your field identification skills.

There are 144 titles offering everything from Birding For Dummies to Flight-feather Molt Pattern and Age in Owls. Plus a miscellaneous category has books on gardening for birds, Walkers Guides to Mammals (vol 1 & 2), The World of Snakes and Fresh Water Fishes.

All books are essentially untouched and are in very fine condition.

The on-line auction opens on March 1 and will end March 18th. Anyone can view the auction items at this site, An account is needed in order to bid.

Funds collected from the sale of these items will be used to support youth programs sponsored by the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists.

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