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Carleton Place Christmas Bird Count Results

On  December 27th  The Carleton Place Christmas Bird Count was conducted.  There were 31 observers in the field and 23 feeder counters participating in the count.  It was a record year both for number of individual birds as well as 8 species records set:

Total Individuals       8889 up from 8852

Canada Geese            1810

Mallard                      137

Barred Owl               6

Red-bellied Woodpecker   4

Merlin                    3

Bluebird               12

Junco                     377

Cardinal                115

There were very few winter finches other than Goldfinches throughout the area but there were a good number of raptors (Red-tailed, Rough-Legged and Coopers Hawk,).  No Snowny Owls were seen by 6 Barred Owls were observed.


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