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2011 Champion for Nature Mike McPhail

Mike McPhail is a quintessential organizer, natural public speaker and leader, and a man with a great passion and curiosity for our natural world. Born and raised in Almonte, a geologist by training, Mike served as both Chair of Environmental Issues and Vice President on MVFN’s board. For three years he led the club as President.

Mike McPhail

There are very many MVFN’s projects which, without a doubt, would not have taken place without Mike McPhail. Mike researched and organized the huge logistical and multi-team effort involved in MVFN’s first bioblitz held in September 2009 on the Bell property in Mississippi Mills. A great success, this bioblitz quickly become a model for other clubs. At Mark’s Lookout on Spring St. in Almonte, Mike organized a shoreline cleanup day and planting of native shoreline shrubs and plants. Mike had significant input into MVFN’s part in MVC’s Kintail Country Christmas and was the inspiration behind the Champion for Nature awards. He has donated time, enthusiasm and expertise (and sometimes his dissecting scope) for MVFN information booths at the Art of Being Green and many other events.

In 2007 Mike played a major role in the planning and running, the Weathering the Change Climate Change workshop held in Almonte, and acted as M/C throughout this 2-day long workshop. Another projects which is close to Mike’s heart and would not have happened without him is MVFN’s Habitat Creation program which has resulted in hundreds of blue-bird houses for our feathered friends as well as duck nesting platforms and other habitat projects still in the works.


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