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2008 Champion for Nature Paul Keddy

Lanark County ecologist Paul Keddy has studied the ecology of wetlands and other habitats across Eastern Canada and Louisiana. A retired Biology Professor, Paul is a highly cited researcher, being among the 2007 recipients of the National Wetland Stewardship Award from the Environmental Law Institute. His first book, Competition, was winner of the Canadian Botanical Association George Lawson Medal.

Paul Keddy is also passionate about the natural world in Lanark County. So much so that in 1999 he authored Earth, Water, Fire: An Ecological Profile of Lanark County. The book is an account of the natural history and special places of Lanark County, including a look back 10,000 years ago to a region covered in solid ice, to the Champlain Sea giving way to magnificent hardwood forests, cleared in the 1800’s.

The story of Paul’s contributions with the book did not end with its publication and the wealth of information it provides to residents and visitors to our area. Dr. Keddy generously provided MVFN with publishing rights to his book, and funds raised from book sales have supported many of MVFN’s projects. There is truly something addictive about our fabulous area which hangs on to its natural beauty, because of Champions For Nature like Paul Keddy!















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