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Birds found in Lanark County

During his “Lanark Big Year”, Iain Wilkes of Carleton Place recorded all species of birds observed within the boundaries of Lanark County between January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014.  The following check list of all birds which might be found in Lanark County was provided by Iain. It includes 283 species, as well as locations within the region, where most of the species were seen. Careful consideration was put into the species to include in this list. Note that some birds such as Barn Owls, which may be a once-in-a-lifetime sighting for the area, were not included. The list includes birds which one may reasonably expect to see in the area at this time.

Open pdf Lanark County Birds Checklist

Other useful tools to help you find and identify birds in Lanark County are produced by Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The Lab has developed a series of videos introducing the most fundamental skills for identifying birds. Click on the links to see the videos.

The Lab has also developed two free apps to help identify birds and track observations on a smart phone. Once you have download the apps they will work whether you are within cell coverage or not – so are perfect for Lanark County were cell coverage can be spotty.

  • Merlin is a free app designed as a birding coach for beginning and intermediate birders. It uses simple selection options of size and shape, colour, behaviour and habitat to present photographs of possible birds. You choose the one that most closely resembles your bird.
  • Ebird allows you to find more birds, share your sightings and track your lists. It archives observations from more than 100 million bird sighting a year from birders all around the world. You can search for locations near you where birders have reported sightings.
photo by Leslie Bol
photo by Leslie Bol
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