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Historic agreement reached for additional Cliff Bennett Bursary funds

Clockwise from left: Elizabeth Kelly Foundation board directors, John Stephenson, Bruce Attfield and Charlotte MacAlister; and Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists director Cliff Bennett, CBNBF committee chair, Joachim Moenig, and MVFN president, Val Wilkinson, congregate for the signing of the agreement to support the CBNB Fund for eligible nature study students continuing post-secondary education.

The Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists’ Cliff Bennett Nature Bursary Fund (CBNBF 2007) and the Elizabeth Kelly Foundation (EKF 1984) — both non-profit, registered charities named after the persons who inspired them — have in a historic moment, decided to join hands. Both pursue goals which include financial assistance in the fields of education and learning.

The official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the MVFN and EKF, took place on June 28, 2023. Eligible students who received a CBNBF Award in their first
post-secondary year can now apply for an MVFN Elizabeth Kelly Foundation Award for their second post-secondary year. This is a new level of funding, not achievable before this agreement.

Joachim Moenig,
2023-24 CBNBF Committee Chair

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