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EEPP Grant Helps MM Student Trip to Montreal

Press Release
Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists
14th August 2003

EEPP Grant Helps MM Student Trip to Montreal

Photo credit: Montreal Biodome websitePenguins seemed to be the favourite attraction for 63 students from Naismith Memorial Public School and their 25 parent and teacher supervisors as they explored the Natural History
Biodome in Montreal on May 2. The group progressed through educational experiences in four different biodomes, tropical, polar, forest and marine.

The field trip was organized by teacher Lee Ann Lyons, who applied for and received an Environmental Education Project (EEPP) grant from MVFN. As a follow-up project, the children produced a well organized and informative booklet on their experiences.

Included in the booklet were individual student short essays on their personal learning experiences, supplemented by photographs, artwork and pictures. Ben Reside was fascinated by the winter flounder which swam sideways but had both eyes on the one side. Descriptions of the four species of penguins presented were written by Jessica Smith and Jimmy Schonauer learned about sea urchins and their life in high water and in tidal pools.

The booklet was presented to MVFN as the required project completion report. It was reviewed by the Board of Directors at their August meeting and all comments expressed wonderment at the quality of work put into the publication and of the environmental learning that seemed to have taken place.

Mrs. Lyons concluded with special tanks to MVFN for their financial support. She reported the trip as one of quality with excellent learning opportunities for all.

Click here to visit the Biodome website.

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