Almonte Lagoons Birding

Almonte Lagoons: Al Potvin Observation Tower and Mike McPhail Bird Viewing Shelter

photo M. Gauthier

The Almonte Lagoons are situated behind the Waste Water Treatment plant and are accessed from Ramsay Conc. 8, 100 m north of County Road 16, across from the Auld Kirk Cemetery.

The facilities for birding include a trail through a small woodlot into the Al Potvin Observation Tower overlooking the north end of the lagoon. From there a trail runs 150 m east to the Mike McPhail Bird Viewing Shelter overlooking the east side of the lagoon. This complex is all on Municipal property.

In addition to the woodlot, which is good for forest bird observations, there is an open field conducive to observing field birds. During the spring and fall, the lagoon features many hundreds of ducks and other migrating shorebirds resting and feeding.

The facilities in the lagoon complex were erected by Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists. Work and maintenance is conducted regularly by members.

Checklist for the Almonte Lagoons as of July 2020
Almonte Lagoons Reports: Michel Gauthier
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