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Paddling trip, June 27 2023 – Upper Tay to Christie Lake

Where: Tay River from Hanna Road to Christie Lake and return
Leader: Andrea McCrady
Carpooling: At your discretion.
Launch site: Small gravel launch site at only place river comes close to the road. map coordinates will be provided. Off load canoe and park on roadside lay-by.

Max. No. of Participants: 8 vehicles

Directions: Take highway 7 west past Perth to Glen Tay Junction; turn south over the RR tracks to Christie Lake Road. Go West on Christie Lake Road approx. 20 km to Hanna Road. Take Hanna almost to County Rd. 36.

Facilities: There are NO portable toilets at the launch site or lunch stop

Car Pooling: Given the shortage of parking space near the launch site you may be asked to park further along the road and get shuttled back to the launch. Partners in a canoe, or people able to carry more than one vessel should consider car pooling at their discretion.

Time & Length: Roughly four hours including lunch stop.

The Paddle: Tay River: the channel is clear. Loads of fish & bird life, evidence of beavers, occasional turtles. One bald eagle and a pair of loons occupy the SW corner of the lake where the river enters.

Christie Lake: the picnic/swim stop is “Watch Island” (named on Google Map of Christie Lake) and referred to in the #28 trip description. Alas, zebra mussels have now appeared on rocks on the lake. Anyone planning to swim should wear watershoes to avoid injury.

Items to Bring: A packed lunch and snack(s), water/liquids, sunscreen, towel, insect repellent, hat, binocs, camera &/or smartphone, band aids, any relevant meds (if applicable), you know the drill!

Please insure you bring along your safety equipment such as life jacket, bailer, whistle, heaving line, extra paddle, flashlight, etc.

Registration: You must pre-register for this event by completing the form found here.
Registration will be limited based on the number of vehicles. Register early.

MVFN membership must be up to date (check your membership card). If needed, you can update and pay for your membership on the MVFN website You may bring a friend or two subject to available space and the approval of the trip leader. For further information, email Andrea.

In the case of a forecast of unsuitable weather conditions for Tuesday June 27 th, the event will be rescheduled to the previous day, Monday June 26th provided the weather forecast for that day is OK. A confirmation email will be sent out just before the event in either case.

For more information or to volunteer to lead a trip, contact Art Solomonian at


2023 MVFN Day Trip Schedule

Sun. May 28 – Denis Gallant – White Lake

Sat. June 17 – Simon Lunn – #21 Perth to Upper Beveridges Lock

Tues. June 27 – Andrea McCrady – #28 Upper Tay to Christie Lake *

Sun. July 9 – Pete MacEwen – #13 Mississippi River upstream from Pakenham

Sat. July 22 – John Willis – #26 Pike Lake

Sun. Aug 6 – Arn Snyder – #8 Mississippi River from Dalhousie Lake downstream

Sun. Aug 20 – John Grierson – Otty Lake

Sat. Sept 30 – Linda Sewell – Madawaska River from Clay Bank boat launch upstream

* Our first weekday trip, by popular demand.


  • Day Trips are open to MVFN members and their guests
  • The above schedule is subject to change.


Jun 27 2023