Connecting people with nature in Ontario's Mississippi Valley

Canoe Journeys – #16 Clayton Lake

Clayton Lake

#16 (Mississippi Mills)

How to Get There: From Almonte, take County Rd.16 (Wolf Grove Rd.) 12 km to County Rd. 9 (Tatlock Rd.). Turn north into Clayton Village.

The Launch Site: At dam; parking on site.
The Paddle: Circumnavigate the lake. Following northwest shore brings you into the mouth of the Indian River. Explore to bridge on Galbraith Rd. Lunch sites near bridge.

Watch For: Extensive wild rice beds, ducks and marsh birds.

Seasonal Information: Good until freeze-up. Wild rice best in autumn.

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Other Canoe Journeys – Canonto Lake

Canonto Lake

This trip is about the furthest away from home. Canoto Lake is in North Frontenac and connects with Palmerston Lake. From any direction, travel to Hopetown on highway 511. Go north a few kms to Lanark County Road 16, turn west, through Poland and on to the end of 16 at 509. Travel north on 509 a few kms to the Canoto/Palmerston Conservation Area sign. Turn east on this road. Do not turn off towards Conservation area which is a few kms down the road (unless you want to visit it) but continue east to the public boat launch at the east end of Canoto Lake, about 6km. Launch you canoe into the short river which leads into the lake. This is a very pretty lake, with islands and numerous little bays to stop and have lunch (with permission of property owners). You will probably get around half the lake before lunch time and, depending upon how long you want to paddle, decide when you want to turn back to your car.

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Other Canoe Journeys – Burnstown 1 and Madawaska River

Burnstown 1 and Madawaska River

Burnstown is a small, historic Hamlet, north of the Village of White Lake. For this canoe journey, there are two ways to get to the canoe launch. Go north of Arnprior on highway 17 to the turn off at highway 508 to Burnstown and Calabogie. About a km before Burnstown is a municipal park along the Madawaska River where you can put in the canoe. Depending upon availability, there is a gal who collects $1.00 for launching canoes. The second way to get there is to turn west in the Village of Pakenham on Waba Road (Scoops is just around the corner) and travel to White Lake. Turn north at the intersection and Burnstown is the next hamlet. At the junction just over the big bridge, turn right and the park is down that road about a km. Launch your canoe and travel down stream (to the left) following the shoreline and exploring the little bays. Depending upon the season, there are many rare wildflowers on the bands and in the forests. Upon arriving before the big Stewartville Dam, glide across the river to a sloping cow pasture, where you can stop for lunch (with permission of property owners). After lunch, follow the south shoreline back to the park.

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Canoe Journeys – #10 Clyde River at Clyde Forks (&Widow Lake)

#10  (Lanark Highlands area)

How to Get There: From Perth take County Rd. 511 past Hopetown to French Line at Brightside. North on County Rd. 511 to French Line. Follow French Line and Lavant Darling Rd. to Joe’s Lake. Take right on Flower Station Rd. and follow on to low dam beside road.

The Launch Site: Above dam. This is Clyde River.

The Paddle: Upriver, under bridge and veer right into Widow Lake. Take creek at north end of lake as far as you can go.

Watch For: Beaver dams. West side of lake is roadway. This is the former K&P railroad bed. Beautiful,high bluffs abound.

Seasonal Information: Good until freeze-up.

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Canoe Journeys – # 7 White Lake West End

White Lake West End

#7 (Lanark Highlands)

How to Get There: North on Highway 511 almost to end of Lanark County.Watch for boat launch sign at White Lake Road. Go 1.4 km to a 3-way split.Take the left fork onto Walabec Road. 0.9 km and turn right onto Walabec Side Road.The boat launch is 0.2 km. on this road. Distance: From Hopetown 26 km.

Launch Site: Gravel beach. Park car at edge of lot to accommodate people with motorboat trailers.

The Paddle: West end White Lake is like northern lakes with rocky shores, beautiful island scenes, wetland coves and bays. Makes for interesting and peaceful meander along shores and around islands.

Watch For: Unusual creek opening on north shore leading to falling brook. Interesting rock formations and wild flowers. Scan the skies for the bald eagle which nests in the region.

Seasonal Information: Most beautiful fall colours. Good until freeze-up.

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