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Whip-poor-will Newsletter

The Whip-poor-will is MVFN’s Official newsletter. In the first issue of the Whip-poor-will published in November 1988 Ken Bennett, MVFN’s first President, explained his choice of title for the newsletter:

“This bird is a reminder of something we have lost.
Yet, unlike some other losses of our natural heritage, this one may not be forever. One day, perhaps, the whip-poor-will may again become a common sight in Lanark County.”

For many years the Whip-poor-will was mailed out to MVFN members. These print-only back issues were collected during recent MVFN archiving work and plans are underway to digitize these and post them online. Issues from 2002 are available online, and although the Whip-poor-will has became a rare sighting since 2011, work has begun in earnest to resume publication in 2014. Look for the newest publication here soon!