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Wanted Alive, or Not! for loitering and jay walking

Once again, we are looking for photos of turtles. Turtles crossing the road, turtles nesting or turtles sunning themselves on a log or a rock. And, sadly we would also ask you to include photographs of turtles that did not make it across the road. All photos provide helpful information.

While you are out and about please watch for turtles and keep your phone or camera handy. By photographing turtles and uploading the images to the project “Lanark County Turtle Watch”, you provide important data on the location and population of turtles.

A new member Kasia Majewski will monitor your the reports in iNaturalist. She will answer any questions posted to the project journal and pass on information to David Seburn’s as she is helping him with his Eastern Ontario Turtle Project.

Kasia is new to the area having spent 3 years working for the Manchester Museum in England as an Assistant Curator of a live animal collection (composed of rare and endangered species of South and Central American frogs) before COVID brought her back to Canada last fall.

To participate:

  1. Open an account on iNaturalist. Open
  2. Join the MVFN Lanark County Turtle Watch project. Join
  3. Start posting turtle observations in Lanark County.  iNaturalist will guide you through entering the requisite data including location, type of roadway observation and nesting activity.

You can find a guide to using the MVFN Turtle Watch interface here: Guide

If you need help, email 


Please call the Ontario Turtle Centre at 705-741-5000 immediately if you come across an injured turtle.