Virtual Owl Prowl February 1st

You have to work hard to find owls given that they are usually solitary hunters and most do not roost together in communal groups. Many, but not all, are nocturnal and they are generally shy and reclusive. But because owls typically claim territories and find mates during the winter, now is a good time to hear them.

Join Ken Allison to review the owl calls you might hear when out walking the dog last thing at night in January and February.

Here is the list of birds to be covered on Tuesday February 1st and a link to the Dendroica website where you can review what we will cover and set up up your own quiz to practice identifying their calls.

  • Barn Owl
  • Eastern Screech Owl
  • Great Horned Owl
  • Snowy Owl
  • Northern Hawk Owl
  • Barred Owl
  • Great Gray Owl
  • Long-eared Owl
  • Short-eared Owl
  • Boreal Owl
  • Northern Saw-whet Owl

Anyone can join in this workshop. 

Zoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 813 5669 7496
Passcode: 548541

Date: Tuesday February 1st
Time: 7:00 to 7:45 p.m.
Leader: Ken Allison

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