Unforgettable Places: A Biologist’s Explorations of the Arctic and Antarctic

Thursday October 19 / 7:30  PM / Almonte United Church Social Hall / Doors open 7 PM

On Thursday, October 19, 2017 we will host the second presentation of our 2017-18 series “When Things Go Bump in The Night.”

We will be treated to the expert environmental storytelling and insights of our special guest speaker, along with her photographic/videographic tour of two incredible “lands of the midnight sun”.  “Unforgettable Places: A Biologist’s Explorations of the Arctic and Antarctic” will be presented by biologist Dr. Shelley Ball.

Chinstrap Penguins, Antactica. photo Dr. Shelley Ball
Chinstrap Penguins, Antarctica. photo Dr. Shelley Ball

photo Dr. Shelley Ball

Ball, an ecologist and population geneticist, photographer and passionate environmental communicator (including as a university professor of Biology and a September 2017 TEDx Ottawa speaker)  is the founder and president of Biosphere Environmental Education. The organization strives to make a positive impact by connecting people with nature, by “show[ing] them the earth’s incredible places, and [inspiring] them to protect these amazing places.”At the core of the approach is experiential learning and teaching the tools of environmental observation and communication, including photography and videography, writing and public speaking. The Youth Environmental Ambassadors Program sees youth undertake significant expeditions, to learn “in-place” in challenging places such as the arctic, thus being inspired to “care for the environment through travel, discovery, photography and video”.

“In December 2016, Shelley was one of 76 women from around the world selected to be part of the inaugural Homeward Bound Women in Science Leadership Expedition to Antarctica – the largest all-women’s expedition to the frozen continent.”

We hope you will decide to join us for what promises to be an excellent and very interesting presentation by Dr. Ball. Doors to the social hall at Almonte United Church (106 Elgin St., Almonte) will open at 7 PM and the program gets underway at 7:30 PM.  Refreshments are available throughout the evening and a discussion will follow the presentation. As always, the event is free for MVFN members and youth under 18; non-members fee at the door is $5; all are welcome.

For further information, please contact MVFN’s Program Chair, Gretta Bradley at glbradley@icloud.com

Click here to open the October event press story pdf:  The Call of the Midnight Sun by Cheryl Morris-Putman

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