Trans-Canada Trail

In this section, the TCT follows the abandoned rail line. It’s straight as a die but has many natural attributes along the verges. We never fail to find at least twenty-five species of birds, and the same number of wildflowers, depending upon the season. An observation platform is constructed at Lavalee Creek where you can view on one side, one of the finest soft maple swamps in the area and the other side, a marshland in the throes of reclaiming itself from man’s incursion.

You can connect with the Trans-Canada Trail at Carleton Place, just off highway seven on McNeeley Avenue, just past the Canadian Tire Store at Coleman Street. Ample parking is available.

Also at Ashton Station Road, seven km. east of Carleton Place and a few yards north of the highway by the feed mill, and at Mississippi Wonderland Road, halfway between Ashton Station Road and Carleton Place on highway 7 and north about 300 m.

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