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The Significance of Glaciation in Canada and the Ottawa Valley

On Thursday, October 18th , the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists 2018-19 Natural History Speaker series “Earth, Water, Wind and Fire” continues with a presentation by glacial and hydrogeology expert, Dr. David Sharpe, Geological Survey of Canada, Natural Resources Canada

Where or when were there once glaciers or massive glacial floods, in the Ottawa Valley or elsewhere in Canada? Find out at  Dr. David Sharpe’s presentation “The Significance of Glaciation in Canada and the Ottawa Valley.”  Knowledge of the origin and nature of glaciation in our region, is used by geologists and hydrogeologists at the Geological Survey of Canada, to inform mineral exploration, groundwater investigations, and to guide land use and construction plans.

And where there were glaciers and changes to them over time, evidence shows there were also likely massive glacial floods!

Dr. Sharpe will explore the intriguing details of how the glaciated Canadian landscape has been modified not only by the retreating glaciers, but by very large glacial floods that were discharged from under continental ice sheets.

Speaker: Dr. David Sharpe

Presentation: The Significance of Glaciation in Canada and the Ottawa Valley

Date:   Thursday, October 18, 2018

Time:  7:00 PM  for socializing & refreshments, 7:30 PM for program

Place:  Almonte United Church Social Hall, 106 Elgin St., Almonte

For further information, please contact Cliff Bennett at: or 613-798-6295.



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