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Recent Sightings on Ramsay Concession 8

Recent Sighting: January 2016

1. I saw a plump-looking robin perched in the treeline of our field, on Sunday Jan 17, 2016, on Ramsay
Concession 8: red-breast, typical song and tail flick behaviour.

2. I saw a flock of about 25 starlings probing the exposed earth/grass on our freshly cleared
driveway, on Wed Jan 20, 2016, on Ramsay Concession 8.

Andrea Roper

IMG_4160 (1280x960) (2)photo of robin is from Almonte, summer 2015 by Pauline Donaldson

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Black caterpillar seen on December 9

Black Caterpillar seen in December

MVFN Naturenotebook sighting: On December 10, 2015, Lise Balthazar of Lanark Highlands (Sheridan Rapids) wrote: “I spotted a large black caterpillar yesterday and took a picture.”

Ken Allison: It looks like a species of tiger moth caterpillar, a large group which includes the common Woolly Bear caterpillar.
Black caterpillar
photo by Lise Balthazar
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Your recent nature sightings

MVFN Nature Notebook: your recent nature sightings shared with others

Welcome members and others to MVFN’s Nature Notebook!

To read about recent sightings go to  Recent Sightings or  find the CONNECT button on our home page and scroll down to Nature Notebook.

Please send your sightings to 

If you have a sighting you would like to share to the MVFN Nature Notebook  send it to our nature notebook mail box at the address above and it will be posted in our recent sightings section within a day or two, if not right away. Or click on the ‘Share your recent sightings’ button on our website homepage. We may also post links to the posts on our Facebook page. This means that even if you are not on Facebook, you can share your sightings with the ‘Facebook audience.’ These on-line sightings could also be shared during the show-and-tell part of our regular monthly meetings when those in attendance share their sightings directly.

Please include: A few words about your sighting, i.e.  plant, animal etc. , special significance, if applicable, where it was seen, when it was seen (date e.g. October 22, 2015). And, if you wish, include your name or name of person who saw the plant, animal etc. Also, if you wish, a photo (or two) of what you saw, if you did take a photo.

Then, to see your sighting on the website, and sightings sent in by others,  find the CONNECT button on our home page and scroll down to Nature Notebook.

Thank you for keeping a record in your nature notebooks and sharing your sightings! Nature observations and record keeping are an important part of conservation.


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Bald Eagle Sighting

Bald Eagle Sighting

Driving by Joe’s Lake on Saturday, October 25, 2008, I saw a
single adult bald eagle perched in a small tree between the road and the
lake. Osprey have been sighted there annually for some time but this is the
first bald eagle I have seen there.

 -Rob Vanderkam Oct 30, 2008

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