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Birds of Prey Up Close with Cliff Bennett


For thousands of years across all cultures, birds of prey (also known as raptors) have captured our hearts and minds as they have variously awed, excited and inspired us. Our area is home to over 30 species of birds of prey but these hawks and owls, eagles, falcons, kestrels, osprey and vultures, while indeed most interesting, can be difficult to identify.

Hawks swoop by so quickly that it seems impossible to recognize which they might be and the nocturnal habits of owls make it challenging to see them closely enough to make a positive identification.

On Sunday, March 2, Nature Lover’s Bookshop will be providing an opportunity for you to see many different birds of prey up close to better understand the identifying characteristics and habits. Specimens on hand will include various owls and hawks.

Moreover, it will be retired educator, international birder and local bird columnist Cliff Bennett leading the Birds of Prey Identification Workshop. Cliff’s passion for birds and his enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge is well known by all who have had an opportunity to join him in many birding outings he leads on the regular trail or canoe trips, collecting data for one of the ‘squares’ for the Breeding Bird Atlas, or during the annual Christmas Highlands Bird Count. Cliff is also a founding member of the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists and currently Eastern Regional Director for Ontario Nature. We could not ask for a better guide to the fascinating world of birds of prey.

Observing the raptors’ distinct characteristics up close will not only help with future identification but with Cliff’s guidance will lead to a better understanding of the habits and lives of each and the role it plays in our ecosystem.
The workshop will take place between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. The Nature Lover’s Bookshop is located at 62 George St in Lanark Village. Children are welcome as always. Further info (613) 259-5654

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