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Seeing the Trees for the Forest: Holes for all Occasions – a lecture by Michael Runtz

Enjoy an evening of discovery and sharpen your woodland detective skills with this presentation Seeing the Trees for the Forest: Holes for all Occasions by Michael Runtz

Press Release

Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists

By Cathy Keddy

With this month’s March 19 lecture in the series From the Ground, Up-Celebrating the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists (MVFN) First 20 Years, we launch into the arboreal realm. Guided by prize-winning photographer, author and naturalist, Michael Runtz, we will peer at nature in the trees in the forest, from the roots to the top of the canopy. Birds, bears, bats, beetles, beavers and many of their companions (frogs, flying squirrels, finches and fungi) share our forest trees. Dead or alive, trees are wanted by more natural denizens than you might guess-for food, shelter, breeding, well…for all occasions! What can the fur, nibbled seeds, bark chips, tracks, feathers, or eggshells beneath a tree tell us about its citizens? Michael Runtz would know.

Michael is one of our natural world’s leading ambassadors. He has received numerous awards for his education and conservation efforts. These have included an Outstanding Service Award from the Federation of Ontario Naturalists and a Distinguished Science Education Award from the Canadian Council of University Chairs. Michael has worked as a professional naturalist in provincial and national parks and is a frequent guest on natural history television and radio programs. His many books from Algonquin Souvenir to Moose Country to Wild Flowers reflect his passion, knowledge and stunning photography. He is also on the faculty of Carleton University where he teaches courses in natural history and ornithology. His courses are podcast internationally and attended by close to 1000 students per term. We are most fortunate to have Michael Runtz as our guest!

 Enjoy an evening of discovery and sharpen your woodland detective skills. Let Michael bring the forest to you through his lens and his fountain of knowledge of the natural world. Join the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists for his presentation on Thursday, March 19 at 7:30 p.m. at Almonte United Church, 106 Elgin St., Almonte. For further information, contact Cathy Keddy, MVFN Program Chair, at 613-257-3089.


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