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Happy Mother’s Day from the “back pond”

Happy Mother’s Day!

“We’ve had many ducks and Canada Geese lately in the “back pond”…..and lo and behold I spotted some babies today!!  Turns out that some of those Geese have been nesting and they now have 5 babies! They can’t be more than a few days old .  Nat spotted another Geese family on Saturday, with 7 babies! This year is exceptional because of the flooded field. The Mississippi River runs at the back of our property and it usually floods the field in the Spring, but this year is pretty extensive.”

Photos just in time for Mother’s Day. Flooded fields have resulted in many bird sightings in the area, including this one  sent in on May 12th, from Sheridan Rapids resident, Lise Bathazar, with photos by Nat Capitanio.

photo Nat Capitanio

Goose family on the “back pond” photo Nat Capitanio


Mother Goose and chicks on the "back pond" photo Nat Capitanio

Mother Goose and chicks, photo Nat Capitanio

Canada Geese 2 (1280x719)

photo Nat Capitanio



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