Species seen on Evening Bird Walk

Hello Birders,

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MVFN group on evening bird walk. photo Howard Robinson

Thanks for participating in the MVFN Bird Walk on June 19th on the 12th Concession Line, Lanark Highlands.  Below is the list of species that the entire group saw or heard starting at the Union Hall.  Thanks very much to Lynda Bennett, our expert bird guide for the evening, and to Cliff Bennett and Ray Fortune who led smaller groups for part of the walk. Thanks also to Ray for letting us walk through his woods so that we could find a few more species and to Howard Robinson for sharing the attached photos.  Overall Lynda and I enjoyed the walk very much and were very pleased with the number of species recorded for the evening.


IMG_0655A Indigo Bunting














Indigo bunting. photo Howard Robinson


  1. Turkey vulture
  2. American robin
  3. European starling
  4. Song sparrow
  5. American crow
  6. Tree swallow
  7. Black-capped chickadee
  8. Great Crested flycatcher
  9. Blue jay
  10. Mallard
  11. Indigo bunting
  12. Common grackle
  13. Yellow warbler
  14. Chestnut-sided warbler
  15. Catbird
  16. Red-winged blackbird
  17. Common loon
  18. Cedar waxwing
  19. Eastern Kingbird
  20. Eastern Phoebe
  21. Red-eyed vireo
  22. Veery
  23. Ovenbird
  24. Brown thrasher
  25. Pileated woodpecker
  26. American goldfinch
  27. Hairy woodpecker
  28. Wood thrush
  29. House wren
  30. Brown-headed Cowbird
  31. Ruffed grouse

Mary Robinson

Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists’ Birding Committee.


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