Short Geological History of Lanark County

by MVFN member Neil Carleton

This short history was inspired by the field trip on October 28, 2007, when members of the Eastern Ontario Certified Forest Owners / Eastern Ontario Model Forest explored the geology of Lanark County with Professors Allan Donaldson (Carleton University) and Donald Hogarth (University of Ottawa). It was a remarkable day that took us from the heights of Lanark Highlands, near Flower Station to the west, to the shores of the Mississippi River, at Almonte to the east. Along the way, we drove over and walked on a landscape that has been billions of years in the making.

To understand the rocks that form the familiar landscape of Lanark County, imagination is needed for a journey far back in time to ocean depths, erupting volcanoes, colliding and splitting continents, and a landscape locked in ice . . .

A Short Geological History of Lanark County

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