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Photographing Arthropods

Insects are very photogenic if you get close enough. They offer spectacular colours and structures.

Trying out insect photography will be like discovering a whole new world. Not to mention how easy it is to find them in nearly all environments. In the woods, fields, at a lake, at a swamp, in our homes, in the garden, at streams, at ponds, the list can go on forever. You just have to watch closely.

For example, dead trees can be full of life. You can find different types of beetles and various other insects hidden among the leaves. The most difficult part is to spot the tiny little animals and to get them in focus. Most insects are skittish.

So photograph them in the morning or evening when it is cooler and they are less active. Do not chase the insects – It’s not necessary to chase the insects, let them come to you. Move slowly – That’s the golden rule when you want to photograph insects. 

Take photos from different angles: above, the side, showing colours and patterns. Catch their eyes if you can. All this helps with identification and can create some stunning images!