MVFN’s International Tour Programme

NOTE: As announced at the March meeting, plans are currently (March 2015) underway for an international outing, once again to Mexico in the upcoming year. Full details will be posted as soon as they are all confirmed.

MVFN’s international outing program began in 2009. The idea came about after a lecture by Canadian Museum of Nature’s Jean Lauriault on the international nature of collaboration needed to conserve the monarch butterfly. Jean collaborated with MVFN to bring a group to Mexico to see the overwintering grounds of the monarch butterfly. Jean Lauriault himself went on this trip.

Since that first trip, enthusiasm has grown for the international outings. The following are the other trips which have taken place.

2009 Monarch butterfly winter home Mexico

2010 Tour of Cuba

2012 Costa Rica

2013 Tour of Cuba #2

Summary to April 2015

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