MVFN Winter Walk on Webber Property in Wolf Grove

MVFN Winter Walk on Webber Property in Wolf Grove

by Steve Miller with photos by Cathy Keddy

Winter Walk 2010
Winter Walk 2010 photo Cathy Keddy

On Sunday, February 7, 2010 an enthusiastic group of hikers gathered at the end of Ramsay Concession 4B, about 3 km east of Union Hall for the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists’ (MVFN) winter walk on the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Webber Property in Wolf Grove. We were immediately greeted by a small flock of chickadees hoping for hand-held peanuts. Guides for this adventure were Ali Giroux of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), and Tineke Kuiper and Joel Byrne of MVFN . . . to read the entire story by Steve Miller (with photos by Cathy Keddy) as pdf please click on  MVFN Winter Walk 2010

 If you missed this winter walk in Wolf Grove, join us May 29 for our Annual Spring Walk to be held on the Webber Property. See what the Webber property has hidden beneath its spring blanket!

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