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MVFN Peterson Bluebird Boxes for Sale

There are still some of these Peterson Bluebird Boxes for sale from a building bee some time ago.

The boxes are $20 each and include instructions and mounting screw nails. The bluebird boxes were constructed by a team of Mississippi Valley Field Naturalist volunteers led by MVFN’s Conservation and Habitat Restoration Committee. Thank you to all the MVFN volunteers who have constructed these boxes over the years. Especially the most recent batch built by David Garcia and a team of dedicated volunteers who gathered to assemble these houses and to those who had prepared the stacks of cut materials.

To order an MVFN Bluebird Box, please contact Cliff Bennett to check on availability:  613-256-5013  

Many bluebird boxes built by MVFN have been installed in rural properties over the years and we hope they are helping the bluebird population and other birds. There are many keys to long-term success with these boxes, especially location, location, location! Please refer to the Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society website at for more detailed advice.

NOTE: the MVFN bluebird boxes are based on the Peterson oval design. Studies show that the Peterson oval design is more user-friendly to the Eastern bluebird and has a lower mortality rate than other designs. The truncated conical shape of the nesting cavity reduces the requirement for nesting material; hence less energy is expended by the nester. The thick wooden back and roof acts as a thermal barrier to shield the young from temperature extremes. The oblong entrance hole is the correct dimension for bluebirds and the angled front discourages predators. The front opens for cleaning

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A huge thanks to the volunteers!