MVFN Nature Notebook

MVFN Nature Notebook

In addition to sharing sightings during show and tell at our gatherings and on our MVFN Facebook group, you can add your observations to our iNaturalist account. We encourage everyone to sign-up to iNaturalist and share your sightings. iNaturalist helps with identification and provides information on the species you find.

If you would like to share your sightings of interesting recent local sightings of plants, animals and other items of natural history interest at an upcoming meeting, please submit to for feedback.  You should include the date,  location and a picture of your sighting if available. Reports and photos may then be posted to the MVFN Nature Notebook section of this website.

NOTE however that this sharing of sightings and photos should not replace sharing of information to other sites or agencies, especially those collecting valuable species and location data, i.e. such as E-bird, the Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas and many others.


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