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MVFN Annual XC-Ski and Snowshoe Event

Press Release
Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists
Submitted by Tine Kuiper, Programme Director 2003
February 4th, 2003

Field Naturalists Take to the Woods of Wolf Grove

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On Sunday February 4, some of the hardiest MVFN members enjoyed a wonderful winter outdoor event, which started at 10 am with an exploration of several ponds on the interior of the Wolf Grove area by ski or snow shoe. The group then proceeded along the Mississippi Ski Cub to the Rae Rd and back.

The trail was varied, winding through snow covered trees and open fields and across frozen ponds. The weather was typically winter-like but mild. The snow was fresh and somewhat sticky, but all had fun anyway.

As expected, there were many deer tracks, as well as a Fisher. The snowshoers observed, for the first time this winter, snow fleas, which apparently are an indication that Spring will not be long away. The event concluded with lunch was around an open fire which also included some well appreciated mulled apple cider and apple pie.

This event was open to members only. Members of the public who wish to be included in similar events, should consider joining the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists. The next event for MVFN is a rescheduled talk by Bruce and Janet Duncan on Organic Farming, to be held at the United Church in Almonte, Feb. 20, 7:30 P.M.