Connecting people with nature in Ontario's Mississippi Valley

Mississippi Lake National Wildlife Area and Mississippi Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary Sunday, Aug 7th- 10am

Photo by Linda Sewell
Squint your eyes … do you see a large reptile?


Paddle: Mississippi Lake and McEwen Bay

Leader: Linda Sewell

Carpooling: At your discretion (none organized by MVFN)

Max. No. of Participants: 20

Directions: From Carleton Place ( corner Hwy 7/15) head west on Hwy 7, 21km to Concession 9a, just past the bridge in Innisville.  Go left on 9a.

From Perth (Hwy 7/43) take Hwy 7 east 14km to Concession 9a. Turn right on 9a.

Drive approx 1km to launch site on left , past private homes. There is a large parking area on left.
Length: Scheduled paddling start is 10am for a brief discussion. Estimated paddling length is 4.5km with an optional 5km if conditions allow (see below).

Launch Site: The parking lot is located on the left side of Concession Rd 9a. There are outhouses and a small sand beach.

The Paddle: Mississippi Lake NWA has sent me a one-page handout for participants.  This is the first time that MVFN has visited this area. I have scouted it out twice. There are two possible paddles: an easy 4.5 km loop along the inner shallow McEwen Bay, and perhaps a more challenging 5.0 km loop out to middle of Mississippi Lake, where there is a small island. The problem is that all the shoreline in McEwen Bay is swamp or marsh, with no place to access if one needs to “use a washroom”, or to gather for lunch. Therefore, we will do the McEwen Bay loop in the morning, and return to parking area about noon for a break.  Those that want to call it a day at that time are welcome to leave as long as they notify me. Depending on wind ( it can be whitecaps on the open lake), some may wish to paddle along marshy shore of barrier island and venture out onto open water of Mississippi Lake, to see a little island. Possible  swimming. (Because the paddle is on a weekend, it may be that other groups may be there before us, and we may not be able to access island.) Those who venture into open water will be asked to stay close together to support each other.

Nature to Potentially Encounter: This area is rich in diversity, given that it is marshland and woody swamps.  (The area is closed during fall migration.) Bring binoculars, and please share your knowledge. Expect to see  interesting waterfowl, reptiles and amphibians, sedges, rushes and reeds and intriguing waterplants, few tree species, maybe a beaver, muskrat or mink.

This is an opportunity to explore an area you have never seen before!!! Please bring your sightings to the attention of the group, and post to INaturalist.
Let me know if you are an “expert”!


Suggested Items to Bring: Lunch or snack, water, sunscreen, insect repellant, binocs, camera, etc.


Please insure you are equipped with a life jacket, bailer, whistle, heaving line, extra paddle, etc.


Registration: You must pre-register for this event by completing the form found here. Please complete a separate form for each participant (see “Submit additional responses” when you submit the form) as we need the “agree” to the waiver from each person. Note: Minors are the sole responsibility of their accompanying adult.


MVFN membership must be up-to-date (check your membership card). You can update and pay for your membership on the MVFN website. You may bring a friend or two, subject to available space & the approval of the trip leader. For further information, contact Linda Sewell


This event will be rescheduled to the previous day, Saturday August 6th or canceled in case of severe weather including winds forecast above 30kph and temperatures forecast above 30c. A confirmation email will go out just before the event. If in doubt, contact Linda on the morning of the trip at 613-832-0560 before 8AM.

For more information or to volunteer to lead a trip, contact Art Solomonian at .