Connecting people with nature in Ontario's Mississippi Valley

Canadian Lakes Loon Survey

Each year MVFN works with the Mississippi Lakes Association to conduct a Bird Studies Canada “Canadian Lakes Loon Survey” for Mississippi Lake.

The task involves pairs of MVFN volunteers making one, two or three visits to areas of Mississippi Lake, searching for loons and recording the findings. The visit times will be the last week in June, July and August. Visits last up to two hours.

MVFN provides an orientation session for first time volunteers. The Lake Association arranges motor boats and drivers for each team. Teams coordinate, with the boat driver, a preferred day, time, and location for launch.

A call for volunteers is made each Spring. But anyone can volunteer with Birds Studies Canada to adopt their own lake or bay on a lake. There are many lakes in Lanark five hectares or more in area with preferred loon nesting habitat. For example, stretches of the Mississippi River and bays on White Lake.


Results Mississippi Lake Loon Survey
Loons 2007 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Adults 24 35 35 39 40 43 35 37 78 43
Mated pairs 10 12 11 12 13 12 17 18 28 20
Young 8 7 5 8 8 12 17 9 14 10
Chick survival 7 6 8 6