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Lanark Highlands Christmas Bird Count

The Lanark Highlands Christmas Bird Count

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dear MVFN Members,

The Lanark Highlands Christmas Bird Count (LHCBC) is on for the 10th year, Sunday, December 30. This Lanark Highlands Count is sponsored by MVFN. It is a Bird Studies Canada project and part of the Audubon Christmas Bird Counts which take place all over North and South America. It is the largest bird census ever. The statistical data on bird species locations and numbers collected as part of this census is essential to the ongoing effort to increase our understanding of bird populations and to support conservation of wildlife.

The count depends on volunteers who become citizen scientists for a day to record the numbers and species of birds seen either at their feeders or with teams out in the field on the count day.

What is involved for those volunteers wishing to participate?

 • Basic knowledge of local bird species is helpful but beginners are welcome as you will be matched with more experienced birders on the count teams.

• Feeder counters within the count circle count birds at your feeders on the count day. At the end of the day all the feeder counts are collected via telephone. Please call Marj Montgomery at 613-259-3078 to register for the feeder count.

• Field team counters will go out for the day as part of field team locating, identifying and counting birds within a well-defined subsection of the count circle. You will be assigned to one of four team leaders.

• If unusual or different species are seen up to 3 days before or after the count day they should also be reported.

The field count teams will have lunch together and continue the count afterwards. After the counting, the end-of-day, ‘count-in’ will take place at Lanark Legion Hall, beginning ~ 4 to 5:30 pm. Refreshments are provided at the count-in.

If you would like to participate in this event, please contact Marilyn Barnett at 613-259-2269 or .

For further information, please contact Cliff Bennett at 613-256-5013 or