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Hiking Trails – O-Kee-Lee Park Trail Natural Environment Area

O-Kee-Lee Park Trail Natural Environment Area

A much shorter trail (less than one km), this trail meanders through a filled in wetland area containing very old willow trees and small, woodland ponds, which dry up in late summer. The trail is found at the foot of Joseph Street, across from the Carleton Place Canoe Club. To find it, take Town Line Road from Highway #7 (the western entrance to Carleton Place) to Joseph Street, which is the first street in from the highway. Turn right and go to the river.

This small nature area contains circular trails, with access points to the river shore. The place abounds in honey suckle, wild grapes and mountain ash berries, attracting many species of birds. The lush canopy provides a sanctuary effect, a perfect place for solitude and reflection. Across from the entrance to the park is Centennial Park, with picnic tables, playing area and a beach.

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