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Hiking Trails – K&P Trailways

K&P Trailways

The Kingston to Pembroke (K&P) ( lovingly called the Kick and Push) railroad bed passes through our area from Lavant Station in Lanark Highlands to Calabogie, before moving northward to Renfrew. It’s management comes under different jurisdictions according to the different sections.

Generally, this old railway bed makes a wonderful walking trail. The surface in our area is level, gravel for most of the way and, in some sections, quite straight. All types of vehicles are allowed on the trail and many local people use it as a regular road to get from one community to the other or, to get to cottages, fishing and hunting shacks or, to launch boats onto several lakes in the area.

Calabogie and northwards section.

Travel to Calabogie on either highway 511 or 508. On highway 508, less than one km west from the intersection with highway 511, watch for the green sign pointing out the K&P trail northwards. There is parking space across the highway from the trail.

Once on this section of the trail, you are passing through northern woodlands, several prime cattail marshes. The western corner of Norway Lake is about four km from the start. Walk as long as you want to, before turning back to 508 and your car.

Tatty Hill Road and northwards section

To find this section, travel on highway 511 to Barryvale Road. This road is about six km south of Calabogie or about 25 km north of Hopetown. Follow Barryvale Road west until you come to Tatty Hill Road, which only goes one way. Take Tatty Hill Road westward about six km until you come to the K&P Trail, which crosses the roadway. There is plenty of space to park but be aware of the sharp curve coming down a hill.

This northward section will take you into the village of Barryvale on Calabogie Lake, about five km walking. The trail cuts through deep lush forests and sharp rock cuts. One gets the impression, if your imagination will let you, that the ghosts of old steam trains and railroad engineers, are watching you from the top of the rock cuts. Walk as long as you want to before turning back to your car.

Tatty Hill Road southwards

Same instructions as above but go the other way. You will soon notice you are accompanying a rushing stream deep down in the forest, to your right. Five km. along this trail you come upon a beautiful, and almost isolated lake called Mile Lake. Again, the ghosts of railway operations past, haunt your progress.

Flower Station Northwards or Southwards

You can join the K&P just out of the village of Flower Station and walk northwards past Flower Round Lake and Clyde Lake or, go southwards past Widow Lake to join Clyde Forks Road.

To get to Flower Station, Travel north on highway 511 past Hopetown to Brightside. Turn west on Waddell Creek Road to French Line, go northwards on French Line Road to Joe’s Lake and westward on Flower Station Road past Clyde Forks to Flower Station.

Lavant Station K&P Section

At Lavant Station, the K&P goes northwards to Folger. or southwards towards Wilber. Either way, you can walk as far as you want to before turning back to your car at Lavant Station.

To get to Lavant Station, travel two km. north of Hopetown on highway 511 to County Road 16. Turn westward to Poland and continue on #16, past Robertson Lake and the village of Lavant to Lavant Station. Park you car by the trail and enjoy your walk.

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