Hiking Trails – Kate’s Lake Trail

Kate’s Lake Trail

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The Kate’s Lake Trail takes you onto an old pioneer roadway which is unopened and unmaintained and too treacherous to drive on unless you have a four wheeler or an ATV. It meanders through Crown Land forest and assaults the senses with a continuing aroma of pine woods and a beautiful swishing sound of wind through the bows of a good scattering of large, tall, old white pine trees. Overgrown side trails leading off the main road tell of recent logging activities.

This trail can be gained by driving north on County Road 9, through Clayton and Tatlock and onto Darling Conc.6. Be sure to make the sharp left hand turn at Tatlock towards highway 511 and the big marble mine. Conc.6 is the next road after Tatlock. You can also reach conc.6 from highway 511 on County Road 9.

Travel about 4 km. to the end of the maintained section of Conc. 6 (it only goes north from Cty. Rd. 9). About 150m further on, you will come to the old road which forms a T junction with Conc. 6. On many maps, this road is called New Road.

Park you car at the T junction and begin your walk. You will eventually come to an open field with some buildings on it, to your left. There is a metal gate at this point. About 15m past the gate is an old roadway to your right used for logging purposes. Turn onto this trail and travel about 1/2 km. until you come to the end at Kate’s Lake.

There isn’t much access to Kate’s Lake but you can get out to the edge and view the water. It’s in two sections, separated by an old beaver dam . This is a good spot to have your picnic lunch.

The entire trail from car and back takes about three hours depending upon how much you dawdle. Watch out for poison ivy along the roadways. An option to going in to the lake (and longer) is to continue on New Road until you reach highway 511. Have a good hike.

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