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Geoheritage Information Day

What: Mississippi Mills first Geoheritage Information Day!!

Where: Almonte Geoheritage Park, at Metcalfe Park, beside the Hydro development site in Almonte.

When: Saturday, October 3rd from 1-3 pm.

Find out about the progress being made and join in some fun activities. Bring a favorite rock or fossil and have it examined by an expert! Learn about different types of rocks.

“Take a Tour” (rocks now in place); “The Geologist in You” (use a geological compass to measure planar and linear features in bedrock); “Stromatolite Central” (biogenic structures that are especially abundant in and around Almonte); and the “Geologic Matching Game” (photos of rocky sites within and
near Almonte).

Book prizes to be awarded to three successful participants.

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