Early Morning Birding, April 5, 2017

Nine MVFN members showed up for the Apr 5 Early Morning Walk at Al Potvin’s property.

For the first half hour, the absence of daylight forced the group to detect and identify birds by ear. Eventually, with the increase in light level, the team became able to use eyes and binoculars.

After two hours of birding, Mary Robinson, the trusted recorder, and Michel Gauthier, the leader, tallied up the numbers:  twenty-five species of birds had been counted.

1            Canada Goose

2            Mallard

3            Common Merganser

4            Wild Turkey

5            Great Blue Heron

6            Turkey Vulture

7            Bald Eagle

8            Red-tailed Hawk

9            Ring-billed Gull

10          Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)

11           Mourning Dove

12          Northern Flicker

13          Blue Jay

14          American Crow

15          Common Raven

16          Black-capped Chickadee

17          White-breasted Nuthatch

18         Eastern Bluebird

19          American Robin

20         European Starling

21         Dark-eyed Junco

22         Song Sparrow

23         Northern Cardinal

24         Red-winged Blackbird

25         Common Grackle

NOTE: The next “Early Morning Birding” walk will take place on Wednesday April 12th. See details


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