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Climate Change Outreach Project – Plant Watch 2006

MVFN Plant Watch – 2006 Wildflowers

Invitation to participate in MVFN’S Local Plant Watch Wildflower watch

TrilliumWatch closely for changes in plants and trees of the Mississippi River watershed over the coming years. This spring (2006) MVFN will begin recording the first bloom date for area wildflowers at a variety of locations (some have started already of course). Results will be tabulated and posted later in the spring and summer. These can be used to compare with results in the coming years, as part of our climate change awareness project.

Flowers to watch for 2006 and forms

A group of MVFN members took the first step this spring (2006) by selecting the wildflower species to watch. These include plants representing a variety of preferred habitats (see full details of MVFN Plant Watch wildflowers chosen and form to record observations). We ask others to join in monitoring. On the wildflower watch forms check the wildflowers to monitor for 2006 and fill in the location, plant and flowering dates on the sheets as indicated. Then submit to Sheila Edwards at (email to be posted soon) or send to MVFN Wildflower Watch c/o Janine de Salaberry, RR# 2 Almonte, KOA 1A0.

April temperatures are on the rise!
Many climate variables affect plant growth and flowering. Length of growing season is one key climate variable affecting plant growth. Another variable is mean temperature. A graph of Ottawa’s mean April temperatures from the 1930’s to 2005 (based on climate data from Environment Canada) shows that although there is variation from year to year, a warming trend, which scientists predict will continue, is evident. How will this affect the growth and the flowering time of wildflowers and other plants?

MVFN Plant Watch Form

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