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Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists celebrate two founding members

Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists celebrate two founding members as “MVFN Champions for Nature” at 21 st AGM

by Pauline Donaldson

The Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists (MVFN), an Ontario Nature Network group promoting knowledge and stewardship of the natural world, held their 21st Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Union Hall in the welcome heat of May 21st. The evening began with a social hour and silent auction to benefit the Cliff Bennett Nature Bursary, and was capped off by a beautiful wildlife slide presentation by Mark Garbutt.

Champion Carleton

Recipient of an MVFN Champion for Nature award at MVFN’s AGM, Neil Carleton is seen here with nature displays at MVFN’s Art of Being Green festival booth. Photo: Pauline Donaldson

A highlight of the evening was presentation of MVFN Champion for Nature Awards to two of MVFN’s founding members who are truly outstanding champions for the natural world in Ontario’s Mississippi Valley. The first award was to Neil Carleton, naturalist, community volunteer and elementary school teacher from Almonte, for his contribution as founding member of MVFN and in teaching local children and adults about the natural world. Carleton was an active member on MVFN’s first Board of Directors (BOD) – in the early years lobbying for environmental causes, monitoring rare birds, and leading groups in astronomy, geology and other outings. He was also instrumental in the recent establishment of Canada’s first municipal Geopark in Almonte. “Neil is one of those special individuals who combine passion with knowledge in teaching others about the natural world and the need to protect it,” stated club President McPhail in presenting the award. “He has influenced countless individuals in his role as a teacher in and outside the classroom. To make learning interesting he leaves no stones unturned.” An active member of MVFN, Neil continues to inspire others to take notice of the wonder of details in the natural world and in its conservation.Champion Bennett

Cliff Bennett (right) receives an MVFN Champion for Nature Award from MVFN President Mike McPhail (left) at MVFN’s AGM at Union Hall. Photo: Howard Robinson

A second Champion award was presented to MVFN founding member Cliff Bennett of Mississippi Mills who has served MVFN’s executive in various roles. Cliff Bennett is a canoeist, birder, former special education teacher and Councillor, and until very recently Eastern Region Director for Ontario Nature. Cliff was responsible for development of MVFN’s flagship Environmental Education Program (EEP) and is still coordinator of MVFN’s outdoor program of nature walks and canoe outings. Although Bennett was recipient of a 2006 award for Excellence in Environmental Conservation from the National Capital Region and a 2008 Conservation award from the Ottawa Field Naturalists, he stated the MVFN award was special because it was from the peers who inspire him to continue doing the activities for which he received the award. “Cliff’s passion as a naturalist is what shines through” said McPhail during the presentation ceremony. “It seems a bit of an understatement to say that Cliff is also an avid birder. Cliff your nomination is the result of your sustained commitment to protection of the environment over many decades and perhaps even more importantly for your influence on so many individuals to take a stand for nature as we go about our lives.” It was Bennett’s efforts which resulted in publication of MVFN’s successful Lanark County Canoe and Kayak Journeys in 2007 and the 2009 companion guide Lanark County Birding Journeys.

The AGM directors reports showcased recent club activities such as the From the Ground, Up lecture series and the many presentations made on climate change awareness to local councils within the Mississippi watershed this year by Howard Robinson and Cliff Bennett, who received a special thank you from Environmental Issues Chair Bill Slade for that work.

2009 agm Slade thanks climate change group

 Environmental Issues Chair Bill Slade (left) was pleased to formally thank Howard Robinson (middle) and Cliff Bennett (right)  for their hard work in delivering messages of climate change awareness to local councils. Photo: Pauline Donaldson

Photo 3 McPhail thanked at AGM

MVFN’s President Mike McPhail was presented with a copy of The Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario in appreciation of three years leading the club. Photo: Howard Robinson

BOD nominations were also held. Stepping down after three productive years as MVFN’s President, Mike McPhail was presented with a copy of The Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario from fellow board members. Joyce Clinton of Carleton Place was elected new President of MVFN. Newly appointed to MVFN’s executive were Janet McGinnis of Carleton Place as Vice-President and Alison Ball of Appleton. Brenda Boyd was appointed Chair of the Environmental Education Program and continues as representative to Ontario Nature. Other returning BOD members are Howard Robinson, Treasurer; Janet Fytche, Secretary; Bill Slade, Environmental Issues; Amelia Ah-You, Membership; Pauline Donaldson, Public Relations, and Franziska Von Rosen, MVFN Representative on the Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County.




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Four local “Champions for Nature” honored at Mississippi Valley Field Naturalist’s AGM

Press Story

Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists

May 22, 2008

Submitted by Pauline Donaldson

Four local “Champions for Nature” honored at Mississippi Valley Field Naturalist’s AGM

On Thursday, May 15, the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalist’s (MVFN) Annual General Meeting was held at Union Hall. The meeting marks the 20th year of operation for the club whose mission is to encourage the knowledge and protection of the natural world.

Prior to the AGM a social hour, with refreshments and a silent auction to benefit the Cliff Bennett Nature Bursary, was held. MVFN’s President Mike McPhail welcomed back the 2007-08 Board of Directors, all of whom accepted nomination for 2008-09 (with Joyce Clinton being elected MVFN’s new Vice President). Three new Directors were also elected including new Program Chair, Cathy Keddy, Amelia Ah You as Membership Chair and Member at Large, Bob Jurmain.

The meeting was also the premiere for MVFN’s Champions for Nature Awards presented by MVFN President Mike McPhail. With these annual awards the club will be able to acknowledge and congratulate individuals or groups who make outstanding contributions to the natural world in the Mississippi Valley. The first award winner announced was Mike Jaques, for raising awareness and appreciation of nature in the area of birding. Jaques was involved in the Carleton Place Christmas bird count for an amazing 21 years, for the first six as compiler and event organizer, and as compiler right up until the 2007 count. Unfortunately Jaques could not accept the award at the AGM- he was out of town birding! MVFN plans to present his award at one of the Fall lectures.

The second award was presented to an MVFN member who has influenced countless people with his contagious enthusiasm for all things natural. Dr. Jim Bendell, former Board Chair for Environmental Issues and longstanding member of the Lanark Highlands EAC is a retired Biology professor and award winning author of “Blue Grouse”. “Let me share a key learning I contribute to hanging around with Dr. Jim Bendell. Home is where there’s habitat and what can be done to make sure that home is here for the next generation,” said Mike McPhail in presenting the award. “Jim walks the talk and as a fledgling MVFN BOD member I seldom ever attended a public meeting in Lanark Highlands where a matter impacting nature was involved that I did not find Jim in attendance.”

The third Champion for Nature was Paul Keddy, a highly cited researcher and former Professor of Biology, most recently at Southeastern Louisiana University. Dr. Keddy and his wife Cathy, one of MVFN’s newest board members, recently returned to their home ‘roost’ near Carleton Place. “We are fortunate that Dr. Paul Keddy shares our appreciation of the local area” said McPhail in presenting the award, “So much so that he authored Earth, Water, Fire: An Ecological profile of Lanark County back in 1999.” “The story of the contribution of the book did not end with its publication or the wealth of information it has provided to longstanding residents and visitors to Lanark County” said Mike McPhail. Dr. Keddy provided MVFN with publishing rights for the book and funds continue to flow to MVFN from its sales.

The fourth award was presented to Paul Egginton, a former MVFN board member and driving force behind MVFN’s Climate Change Outreach committee with projects such as Alberts Tulip Gardens, and frost watch. A national expert on Climate Change, Egginton spearheaded MVFN’s two major partnership projects with MVC, including a massive surface water temperature survey of the Mississippi watershed on the 2006 August long weekend and the Sept 2007 “Weathering the Change” workshops. Those saw a gathering of national climate change experts speak in Almonte and included a set of forums for local public input on climate change adaptation.

Following the AGM the audience were treated to an enjoyable presentation “The Flora and Fauna of South Africa”, as seen by Cliff Bennett on a recent trip. Schedules for MVFN’s upcoming summer hiking and canoe trips are now posted on MVFN’s website. For information or to register please contact Cliff Bennett at 613-256-5013.


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MVFN celebrate many successes at 2005 Annual General Meeting

Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists
Submitted by Pauline Donaldson
June 9, 2005

MVFN celebrate many successes at 2005 Annual General Meeting

The 2005 Annual General Meeting of the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists (MVFN) was held in May at Union Hall. President Michael MacPherson welcomed attendees after a short reception. Events and reports were presented, recently elected treasurer Elizabeth Dunning presented the annual financial report and elections were made to three newly created Board of Directors positions.

Pauline Donaldson, Almonte, takes on the role of Public Relations Chair, Cathe Baker, Ramsay, will chair the Membership Committee and Paul Egginton, Ramsay, joins the BOD as Member at Large. Brenda Boyd, Almonte, will be MVFN’s new representative to Ontario Nature, replacing Pip Winters. Other officers of the BOD who were re-elected included President, Michael Macpherson; Vice President and Environmental Issues Chair Michael McPhail; Program Chair, Tine Kuiper; Educational Programs chair, Janine deSalaberry; all from Ramsay and Stewardship Council Rep. Franziska Von Rosen and Natural Resources Issues Chair Dr. Jim Bendell, both from Lanark Highlands.

Retiring Treasurer Reiner Hollbach and MVFN representative to FON, Pip Winters, were thanked for their work on behalf of MVFN.

The successful Environmental Education Projects Program (EEPP) was one highlight of the information part of the evening which members are clearly proud of. The program speaks for itself, but in summing it up, EEPP Chair Janine De Salaberry noted that all of the Ontario Trillium Foundation funding allocated for the project this year was spent as were additional amounts from fundraisers such as the Gray Jay Gala. In all, over 1600 local schoolchildren have taken part in one of these programs such as “Birds of Prey” presented by the Canadian Raptor Conservancy. The evening ended with refreshments and at that time members were able to view thank you ‘posters’ made by children from several local schools where EEPP programs took place.

Reporting on other significant milestones was MVFN member Cliff Bennett. After 3 years work on the steering committee for the Mississippi Mills Community Official Plan representing MVFN, Cliff was very pleased to report that most of MVFN’s recommendations made it into the Council draft. Cliff also stated that the 5-year project on a square for the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas is now complete.

Members received reports of Chairs of other committees including Jim Bendell reporting as Natural Resources Issues Chair. Jim outlined various activities including the committee’s role in gaining recognition in the Species at Risk Act for the local red wolf population. Program Chair Tine Kuiper reviewed the topics and speakers for presentations, which occurred during this year’s seminar program. This highly successful series was unique in offering a set of presentations linked by the biodiversity theme.

During the second part of the evening Bill Pratt of Parks Canada presented his enchanting sound and slide shows of nature photos. Bill began with the provocative question to the audience – what type of Canadian landscape do you have personal connections with? He reminded us how the natural environment in Canada can draw us together as a country. Read story.

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Moon Eclipse Featured at Field Naturalists’ Annual Meeting 2003

Press Release
Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists
Submitted by Cliff Bennett
May 20, 2003

Moon Eclipse Featured at Field Naturalists’ Annual Meeting

Full MoonThe night of the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists’ Annual General meeting,Thursday, May 15, coincided with a full eclipse of the moon. To place members in the mood for watching the details later in the night, MVFN member Al Seaman presented a series of slides on the 2000 winter full eclipse of the moon. His presentation was introduced by MVFN member Joel Byrne through a series of his haiku poems on the eclipse as well as conoeing. As it turned out, the recent eclipse was not nearly as spectacular as the blood red moon of the millennium year.

The annual meeting of MVFN was held at Union Hall, corner of County Roads 16 and 9 in Ramsay. After an earlier reception, the meeting was opened by Acting President Cliff Bennett, who outlined several features of the previous year. MVFN is represented on several Boards involving rural clean water, forestry management, municipal official plan creation, development of a regional land trust and two municipal Environmental Advisory Committees. Bennett also expresses satisfaction with a substantial increase in memberships.

Reports of the year’s successes were presented by various BOD members. Financially, the year ended up with a deficit balance but MVFN will have a balanced budget for the new year. Proceedings of this meeting can be found on the website

Two members of the BOD, secretary Karen Richter and Susan Fisher, who chaired the Environmental Issues Committee, have retired. Acting President Cliff presented both with a well-earned gift of appreciation.

Two new Board members were elected;

Elizabeth Wiles, Carp, as secretary and Michael McPhail, Ramsay, to chair the Environmental Issues Committee.

They will join the following slate:
President, Sandy Atack, Ramsay;
Vice-President and chair of the Financial Committee, Michael MacPherson,
Past-President Cliff Bennett, Ramsay;
Treasurer, Reiner Hollbach, Ramsay and
Directors Pip Winters, Almonte, Federation of Ontario Naturalists (FON)
Tine Kuiper, Ramsay, Programme Committee chair;
Jim Bendell, Lanark Highlands, Natural Resources Issues chair;
Franziska VonRosen, Lanark Highlands, Stewardship Council representative;
Eileen Hennemann, Ramsay, Publicity, Publications and Public Relations chair
Yvonne Bendell, Lanark Highlands, Social Convenor.

The final MVFN spring event will be a members only visit to the Duncan’s Organic Farm, Appleton Side Road, on June 8th. Informal canoeing trips are available for members and friends, by contacting Cliff or watching our website. For further information, contact Cliff Bennett at 256-5013 or at .

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