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Fox Sparrow

Recent Sighting of Fox Sparrow, March 25, 2016

Old Perth Road: We had a fox sparrow lurking in a small tree near our feeders, but the traffic of more aggressive birds seemed to keep him away.

Tim Pullen

photo by Thomas Pullen

Fox sparrow


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Harbingers of Spring in Clayton

MVFN Nature Notebook: March 7, 2016  

I heard and saw two red wing blackbirds in Clayton by the lake behind the United Church this evening @ 6:00 p.m.

Spring IS coming!!!

Brenda Boyd

Photo MVFN file; photographer unknown (Howard Robinson?)

IMG_6376A Red-winged Blackbirds abound


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Fox on Sheridan Rapids Road

 Fox on Sheridan Rapids Road

MVFN Nature Notebook Sighting sent in:

On Sheridan Rapids Road . . .  during one of our daily walks, we spotted a fox curled up on a big rock.

Lise Balthazar

Nat Capitanio

February 22, 2016

FOX ON A ROCK 2 FEB 22 2016 (1280x719)



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Recent Sightings on Ramsay Concession 8

Recent Sighting: January 2016

1. I saw a plump-looking robin perched in the treeline of our field, on Sunday Jan 17, 2016, on Ramsay
Concession 8: red-breast, typical song and tail flick behaviour.

2. I saw a flock of about 25 starlings probing the exposed earth/grass on our freshly cleared
driveway, on Wed Jan 20, 2016, on Ramsay Concession 8.

Andrea Roper

IMG_4160 (1280x960) (2)photo of robin is from Almonte, summer 2015 by Pauline Donaldson

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Museum of Cedar Waxwings

Sighting of Museum of 50 Cedar Waxwings 

From Randa McTavish, MVFN Nature Notebook received the following sighting:

. . . a glorious sight in Stanleyville (Tay Valley Township) on December 30, 2015 or very close to it…I sighted a museum of about 50 Cedar Waxwings! They were congregated in the bare trees on Black Lake Road (beside open fields) in mid-afternoon, chirruping happily. They took turns nipping down to the bushes below which still had berries, and ate away.  I stood on the road and watched them for a good eight minutes, until a car drove by and they flew off. What an incredible sight!

I saw a smaller group of them about four days previous, less than a kilometer from the same spot; about eight Cedar Waxwings making their sweet sounds and finding whatever berries were left on nearby bushes in the fence line.

Cedar waxwing Ken Thomas

NOTE: Featured image of Cedar Waxwing is by Ken Thomas.



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