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Carleton Place Christmas Bird Count 2004

Press Release
Written by:  Mike Jaques
January 5, 2005

The 61st annual Carleton Place Audubon Christmas Bird Count took place on Monday December 27th. Birds were counted within a circle of 15 miles diameter centered on the bridge over the Mississippi River in Carleton Place. The weather was bitterly cold but sunny with moderate wind-chill factor and lots of snow on the ground. Mississippi Lake, River and streams were frozen except where water was fast flowing. 27 field observers and 27 feeder operators took part in the count.

The number of species recorded was 45, a little better than usual. However, the number of birds counted was 4480, which is lower than normal. Two species never before seen on our count were tallied: a Tufted Titmouse near Almonte and an Eastern Towhee in Carleton Place. Both were coming to feeders in the weeks before the count and graciously stayed to be counted.

There were record high counts of four species:

Wild Turkey 72 (previous high 49 in 2001)

Great Gray Owl 2 (previous high 1, last seen in 2000)

Bald Eagle 2 (tied the previous high from 2003)

Barred Owl 2 (tied the previous high from 1984)

At the end of the day the field observers gathered at the 7 West Cafe to report their findings, enjoy refreshments and view the field results displayed on the master chart. The count was organized by on behalf of Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists by Cliff Bennett. Georgina Doe organized the feeder counts and Mike Jaques compiled the final results. Bennett thanked all participants for their efforts under trying weather conditions.

A list of all species recorded and their numbers is as follows;

Canada Goose 3

Common Goldeneye 40

Hooded Merganser 1

Common Merganser 1

Bald Eagle 2

Sharp-shinned Hawk 2

Northern Goshawk 2

Red-tailed Hawk 6

Rough-legged Hawk 1

Ruffed Grouse 14

Wild Turkey 72

Rock Pigeon 626

Mourning Dove 286

Barred Owl 2

Great Gray Owl 2

Downy Woodpecker 57

Hairy Woodpecker 64

Pileated Woodpecker 6

Northern Shrike 3

Blue Jay 300

American Crow 297

Common Raven 21

Horned Lark 15

Black-capped Chickadee 1038

Tufted Titmouse 1

Red-breasted Nuthatch 4

White-breasted Nuthatch 101

American Robin 3

European Starling 225

Bohemian Waxwing 46

Cedar Waxwing 55

Eastern Towhee 1

American Tree Sparrow 110

Song Sparrow 2

Dark-eyed Junco 35

Lapland Longspur 3

Snow Bunting 78

Northern Cardinal 65

Purple Finch 4

House Finch 17

Common Redpoll 328

Pine Siskin 23

American Goldfinch 278

Evening Grosbeak 6

House Sparrow 234

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