Carleton Place Christmas Bird Count – Results 2007

Press Release
Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists
January 2, 2008

by Mike Jaques

Carleton Place Christmas Bird Count – Results 2007

Links to: Carleton Place Christmas Bird Count – Results 2007 (Microsoft Excel or Viewer required to view).

The 64th annual Christmas Bird Count took place on Tuesday December 27th 2007.  It was one of over 2000 counts taking place throughout the Americas over the Christmas period.  The count area is a circle of 15 miles diameter centred on the bridge over the Mississippi River in Carleton Place and including Almonte, Appleton and Ashton.

The temperature was mild, between -3°C and -1°C.  The day started cloudy but by 11 a.m. it started snowing and the snow kept up for the rest of the day, keeping the birds hunkered down and making visibility difficult.  There was about a foot of snow on the ground and cold weather before Christmas had frozen Mississippi Lake and River, although the recent milder weather had caused parts of the river and some creeks to open up.

The number of species seen was 42, which is below the ten-year average of 43.  The number of birds counted was 5011, which is the second-lowest total in the last ten years.  The all-time highs are 50 species and 8855 birds.  No new species for the count were tallied, but there was a record high count of Pileated Woodpeckers (15).  This year there were more birds down from the north than last year, including Common Redpolls, a Hoary Redpoll, Bohemian Waxwings, Pine Grosbeaks and some Evening Grosbeaks although not in the numbers we have seen in the past.  The lower numbers of our usual winter birds were probably due in part to the bad weather on count day.

This year the count was organized by Iain Wilkes for the first time.  At the end of the day the field observers gathered at Mexicali Rosa’s to see the field results displayed.  Georgina Doe organized the feeder counts and Mike Jaques compiled the final results.  The Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists sponsored the count and 28 field observers and 31 feeder operators took part.

A list of all species seen and their numbers follows:

Canada Goose                 9

Mallard                            1

Common Goldeneye        62

Common Merganser        8

Sharp-shinned Hawk       3

Cooper’s Hawk                2

Northern Goshawk          1

Red-tailed Hawk             5

Merlin                              1

Ruffed Grouse                 11

Wild Turkey                     158

Herring Gull                     2

Rock Pigeon                    448

Mourning Dove               276

Barred Owl                      1

Downy Woodpecker       64

Hairy Woodpecker          61

Pileated Woodpecker      15

Northern Shrike               7

Blue Jay                           317

American Crow               346

Common Raven               6

Black-capped Chickadee 830

Red-breasted Nuthatch   7

White-breasted Nuthatch        98

Brown Creeper                3

European Starling            126

Bohemian Waxwing        525

Cedar Waxwing               24

American Tree Sparrow   41

Song Sparrow                  1

Dark-eyed Junco              88

Snow Bunting                  150

Northern Cardinal            63

Pine Grosbeak                  31

Purple Finch                     6

Common Redpoll            751

Hoary Redpoll                 1

Pine Siskin                       20

American Goldfinch        264

Evening Grosbeak           100

House Sparrow                78

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