Canoe Journeys – #8 Dalhousie Lake and Mississippi River Downriver

#8 Dalhousie Lake and Mississippi River downstream

#8 (Lanark Highlands)

This canoe trip is a pleasant glide down a portion of the Mississippi River as it flows out of Dalhousie Lake, along mostly marshy shores, habitat for several species of birds and ducks, muskrat and turtles.

Travel to McDonald’s Corners, west of Lanark Village. Then go north on County Road 8 to the bridge, about one km.

Park in the park and boat launch on the lake side of the bridge. Paddle under the bridge and go downstream as far as Sheridan’s Rapids. Be careful not to go through the rapids unless you are a confident white-water canoeist.

You will find several places in this area (with permission of property owners) to stop and have lunch before canoeing back upriver to your vehicles.

Watch for a side trip north into McCullough’s Mud Lake. The depth of water in this mud lake will determine how far in you can go. It’s well worth while exploring.Wetland birds along shores. Beaver, muskrat, and otter.

Upon returning, you might like a cup of tea at the nearby restaurant.

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