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CANCELLED MVFN Early Morning Bird Walks


COVID strikes again!


Sad to say the new lockdown announced last week means MVFN will once again have to cancel our Early Morning Bird Walks.

However, spring migration is still underway and everyone is encouraged to go out on these dates and see what you can find around your own place. And, you don’t even have to get out of bed. Just go to sleep with the window open and take note of all the birds you hear singing as the sun comes up.

So join other MVFN members each Wednesday morning in April at 6:30 a.m. for a virtual walk to see who has arrived. Take a few minutes afterwards and log your observations into iNaturalist. If you haven’t already joined our iNaturalist project, you can find directions on the website at

Wed.  April 7 – your backyard*

Wed.  April 14 – your front yard*

Wed.  April 21 – your porch*

Wed.  April 28 – under the covers*

* no mask required, no need to register.

To see the results for last year, check out this article on the MVFN website. Michel Gauthier and Ken Allison walked the routes to record what they saw and heard in 2020.